Cardiovascular and Diabetic

Whatever your age, there is so much you can do to keep your heart healthy such as exercising, eating a healthy diet and educating your children to look after their hearts from a young age. Remember that smoking, drinking, high blood pressure and stress all contribute to heart related illnesses.

Prevention really is better than cure. Whilst the most important changes to be made are your lifestyle changes, we have a number of products to help you to monitor, treat and improve your cardiovascular health.

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Circulation and Blood Pressure Aids

Prevention of heart disease really is better than cure. ...
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Blood Pressure Monitors

Sometimes your blood pressure is raised when taken in a clinical or medical environme...
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General Fitness

Look After Yourself by keeping fit and giving your body a head start. Keeping fit pro...
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Diabetic and Cholesterol Screening

Diabetes effects over 2 million people in the UK and tends to effect adults over 40 a...
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Heart Health Supplements

New daily supplements helping to promote a healthy cardiovascular system....
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