Asphalia for Natural Sleep (30 Capsules)

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For Natural Sleep

Supplied in vegicaps, this naturally grown and carefully milled plant mix contains an anti-oxidant five times as powerful as vitamin C. The same biomolecule is known to regulate the circadian cycle, and helps ensure a restful sleep without disturbing vital sleep architecture. Our three stage milling process, producing submicron particles, not only prevents the proteins from denaturing but also permits easier sublingual intake straight into the blood stream for fast action. It is approved by the Vegetarian Society as being suitable for vegans and gluten free. Leading nutritionists are hailing Asphalia as the biggest breakthrough in sleep improvement for decades


Haverford West-"After taking Asphalia I found I enjoyed a thoroughly restful sleep and felt ready to face the day with a good level of energy and an alert mind. - I seldom sleep well, and only occasionally enjoy such energy levels".

RB West Sussex-"I used to have a lot of dreams where I had feelings of anxiety. Now I feel calm and unconcerned even when events in the dream are worrying. So I ordered a pack and have been using it ever since, and sleep right through the night".

LI, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands-"Although I no longer live near a mast and sleep quite well, I tried the sample three times at home, and noticed a difference, feeling much more refreshed the following morning and in fact sleeping right through for up to eight hours".

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Do you feel tired without reason? Would you like to improve your complexion and general energy levels? Are you in need of a really good night's sleep? 

Scientific studies show that chronic exposure to much of our 'convenience world' with its electrical appliances, associated powerlines, radio masts and wiring can cause tiredness, sleep disturbance, and increased free radical formation in body fluids, even cancer and other serious illness. The body's normal defence to free radical attack is to deploy its own anti-oxidants, such as catalase, glutathione, or to use up the antioxidants found in fresh fruit and vegetables. The trouble is the nutrient value of fresh produce from mainstream supermarkets, (sometimes through irradiation or clever long-storage techniques), has fallen dramatically over recent decades and even more so in the last ten years.

AsphaliaTM provides a powerful answer to electropollution, with the added benefit of improved sleep, anti-aging, and better general appearance. The principal anti-oxidant in AsphaliaTM is five times as powerful as Vitamin C, twice as powerful as the tocopherols, and probably 500 times more powerful than most synthetic anti-oxidants.

AsphaliaTMwas developed by Coghill Research Laboratories of Pontypool, specialising in bioelectromagnetics for a quarter century. It contains no added sugar, no colourants, and no preservatives. The soil from which it comes has not been treated with any chemicals for two decades, only natural fertilisers have been used. At £11.65 for one months supply, it is a supplement to be taken as part of a normal diet especially for those over fifty or exposed to electromagnetic fields and radiation at work or in the home.

Ingredients :

This product contains asphalia (Festuca Arundina) a unique meadow grass that contains a phsyiologically appropiate level of melatonin. This helps to protect the brain from harmful EMF (electro magnetic frequancy), and helps to aid sleep but in a way that enables the natural sleep architecture to be maintained.

The original high anti-oxidant formula, developed by Coghill Research Laboratories as a completely natural radioprotective against electromagnetic fields and radiations (EMFs) such as those from cellphones, powerlines and masts, It antioxidant potential is five times as powerful as Vitamin C.

Asphalia is produced in a Welsh valley from entirely natural plant materials chosen for their high antioxidant profile. It helps maintain a healthy lifestyle as part of a normal diet, improves the state of natural sleep, fights off the free radicals which otherwise cause premature aging, and improves general appearance.





Not for pregnant women in thier third trimester, severe asthmatics nor for infants under one year.

Do not take Asphalia before driving or operating machinery.

It is to no avail taking Asphalia during the daytime, and electrosensitive people should start with only a half dose.






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