Light boxes for acne

Choose from our range of light boxes to treat your acne condition and start to feel good on the outside once again. Our light treatments use blue and / or red lights at certain wavelengths to treat acne vulgaris.
BeautySkin Acne Lamp
Problem Acne? Don't hide away any more. BeautySkin - the revolutionary new light ther... Information

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Tanda Clear Acne Light Therapy Treatment Head
This is an alternative / replacement treatment head for the Tända Prestige devic... Information

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Tanda Clear Pre-Treatment Gel - 30ml
Specially formulated to optimize the delivery of light to the skin. Anti-Imperfection... Information

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BeautySkin Tubes (Set of 6)
Set of 6 (3 blue and 3 red) tubes for the BeautySkin Lamp for Acne. £12 off (S... Information

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Medibeam Acne Light Therapy
Self- treatment acne device using a light beam... Information

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