VALKEE SAD Bright Light Headset BLACK - Certified Class 2A Medical Device

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VALKEE bright light headset - Certified Class 2A Medical Device

It's not used for listening to music. It's used for bright light therapy.

It channels bright light to where it is needed most, the brain. That's why it prevents depression and can affect your mood.

In our clinical tests, approx. 9 patients out 10 experienced total relief of symptoms, which is a revolutionary result.

***Just 8-12 minutes a day is enough***

A New Way to Prevent and Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Reduced exposure to light affects all of us. Symptoms are ranging from mood swings to the more serious seasonal affective disorder. The VALKEE bright light headset increases light exposure easily and effectively by bringing light very close to the brain via the ear canals.

Researchers at the University of Oulu, Finland, have researched bright light headsets since 2008, and are convinced that this is a significant method for the prevention and treatment of seasonal affective disorders and other depression types.

Bright light in the brain, not in the eyes

The brain has photosensitive areas that react differently to the lack of light, resulting in depression and mood conditions. These areas can be cured with bright light. Surprisingly our eyes are not the most effective route to deliver light to the brain: the ear canal, where the skull at its thinnest, is the most effective route to direct light to where it is needed.

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Product Details

The operation of VALKEE bright light headset is based on light treatment directed to the brain via auditory canals. Taking light treatment lasting 8-12 minutes several times per week is enough to reach the most advantegous treatment effect.

Individual optimization of treatment dosage

The treatment session duration is adjustable via the PC software coming with the device for accomplishing the best possible individual results. The best individual effect is also dependent on the time, when the light treatment is taken.

Loading the device is simple

VALKEE bright light headset is loadable conviniently via USB-port of a PC.

VALKEE bright light headset is available in black and white colours. 

Product information

Technical data of Valkee bright light headset

Dimensions (mm)

80 x 40 x 20


60 g

Operating temperature

-10 °C - +35 °C

Permissible air humidity

30 % - 75 %

Maximum luminous effect

6,0 lumens

Maximum permissible duration of treatment

12 min.

Battery life, with fully charged battery*

7 treatments on average

Battery recharging time (depending on charger)**

2 hours on average

** When recharging, the orange pilot light is on continuously. Once the battery is fully charged, the orange pilot light starts flashing.


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Clinical evidence that VALKEE bright light headset works

The conventional bright light lamp is already considered a standard of care for several types of mood disorders and depressions. Its efficacy has been proven in hundreds of clinical trials.

The VALKEE bright light headset has been researched in a series of clinical tests by the University of Oulu. In a recent clinical trial, 25 severely depressed patients were treated with a daily dose of 8-12 minutes of light with the VALKEE bright light headset. Over a period of four weeks nine patient out of ten experienced total relief of symptoms, which is a revolutionary result.

Further studies

Currently VALKEE is being studied for seasonal affective disorder in open and placebo-controlled studies. In addition, the research is being conducted for other depression types.


製造元(発売元):Valkee社(フィンランド製) 商品の仕様と大きさ: 重量(本体):60g 大きさ(本体):80 × 40 × 20mm USB充電器:パソコンのUSB口からのバッテリーチャージ専用。 光源:光ファイバー 光源の強さ:最大3.5ルーメン光源作動時間:12分 内臓バッテリー:1回の充電で最大7回使用可能、充電時間2時間程度(充電が済むとオレンジのランプ点滅) 取扱説明書:英文取扱説明書付属 製品保証期間:1年

1日1回好きなときに8-12分使ってください 最初は朝目覚めた後の30-60分内にValkeeを使用してください。3-5日経ってもよい結果がでない場合には、夜、就寝の1-2時間前にValkeeを使用してください。

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