IWAKU Wakeup Natural Alarm Clock Light - Dawn Simulator - Controlled by a SMART PHONE APP

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iwaku wakeup light

iwaku, not your ordinary wake-up call from iwaku on Vimeo.

 iwaku, not your ordinary wake-up call

Who says waking up is an easy thing to do? Wouldn’t a little bit of help come in handy? Well, help has arrived and its name is iwaku.

Iwaku is an intelligent wake-up light that adjusts to your sleep cycle and will make you rise and shine like never before. Not only does its slowly intensifying light prepare your body for the wake-up call, iwaku can actually monitor your sleep cycle to call it a day at the best moment possible.

iwaku lights up your life

The intelligent wake-up light that adjusts to your sleepcycle and gives you effective bright light therapy with its optimized Blue LED light mode and therapy timer.

The intelligent wake-up light and light box 

Iwaku is not your ordinary wake-up light. Use de free app for Android and iPhone and enjoy a new waking up experience: have iwaku determine your sleep phase and get woken from a stage of light sleep with the gradually increasing light. 

Get more energized during the day

Use iwaku during the day for bright light therapy. The specific spectrum and high intensity of the blue LED light in light therapy mode make iwaku an effective light box to improve your mood and feel more energized.


iwaku how

Because we think even the brightest light will do you no good when you are in your deepest sleep, iwaku can monitor your sleep cycle to only wake you up in your lighter sleep. With your smartphone as personal well-being hub the possibilites are endless.

Fighting the Winter Blues

Iwaku is not just a smart wake-up light: it is the only wake-up light producing enough light for bright light therapy against Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Or in plain words, to fight the winterblues. 

Put iwaku on his stand or plain on the table to enjoy your energetic morning session. 

iwaku views


iwaku banner

Get rid of that annoying morning buzz and let the light in - slowly

Thanks to the gradually intensifying light prior to your morning wake-up call, you will enjoy a completely new waking up experience.

With the increasing light, iwaku stimulates your brian while you are still asleep. By getting your physiological system up to speed before you wake up, you will feel more energized by the time you actually open your eyes. 

iwaku banner

We think even the brightest light will do you no good when you are in your deepest sleep.

By analyzing your sleep cycle, iwaku tries to wake you up only in a lighter sleep phase. The built-in motion sensor in your smartphone is used by iwaku to determine the sleep phase you are in. 


All you have to do is set the time interval for iwaku to detect a lighter sleep phase and to start waking you up with it's slowly increasing light.


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