SRS 150 Natural Alarm

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The latest addition to the Sunrise System range of dawn simulators, the SRS 150 is designed to connect to your own bedside lamp enabling you to wake up gently with light. With the added benefit of an integral digital stereo FM/AM radio and MP3 player you can also wake or relax to the relaxing sounds of nature or to your favourite music tracks. Packed with features the Sunrise System 150 has a colour change display and includes a FREE sleep sound SD card.

• Connect the Sunrise System to your own bedside lamp - no bulky built-in lamp
• Gentle imitation sunrise and sunset: sunrise wakes you naturally, sunset gently relaxes
you to sleep
• Sunrise and sunset programmable between 15 and 90 minutes
• Built in stereo MP3 player and AM/FM radio, wake up to your favourite music -
relax to sleep sounds
• Weather band radio (US model only)
• 7 day programmable alarm time - set the Sunrise System to suit your own personal
waking/sleeping pattern
• 12 or 24 hour time display and date or seconds on clear, plain language text display
• Multi-language display
• Colour change display
• Snooze function - simple to locate
• Nightlight feature
• Security mode, burglar deterrent option - lamp turns on and off at random times
• Dim your reading lamp to watch television


Available end of October- NOW TAKING ADVANCE ORDERS- Buy now to avoid disappointment


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