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PainSolv® MkV. Developed entirely  from evidence-based science.


Most scientific clinical studies clearly show, that in order to obtain clinically relevant results, the minimum pulsing field strength must be at least 3-5 milli-Tesla (30 to 50 Gauss).  [1]    For instance, PainSolv® MkIV generated 135 Gauss output (40 Gauss through skin surface), which comfortably fell into the above range, as evidenced by independent product technical review. [2]


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: PainsolvBut, in order to generate piezoelectricity inside bone and cells the field strength must exceed 10 milli-Tesla (100 gauss). There are different variations of large and expensive coil systems mounted on arms or beds, but none of these systems is able to generate energies higher than 100 gauss. [3]  


Pulsed electromagnetic waves are the only energy source to pass through all materials without refraction. [4] 

The new PainSolv® MkV generates 5.92 times more output (800 Gauss) and maintains the peak pulse for ~3.8m/secs, which is an incredible 7.6 times longer than previously available.


With a Chronic Pain therapy duration of 10 minutes, Wound Pain therapy duration of 6 minutes and Stress Pain therapy duration of 8 minutes, PainSolv® MkV is the most efficient, portable PEMF medical device available anywhere in the World today. Frequencies are still only 50Hz, 12.5Hz and 83.3Hz - between 300-2,000 times less than mobile and smart phones!


Our custom-designed and manufactured circuit boards are enhanced with the attachment of our unique main inductor head, which is not available anywhere else in the world, which marks another milestone in energy medicine. The electromagnetic inductor head on PainSolv® MkV is targeted to deliver over 97% of  its output through the head, unlike all similar components in other products that have considerable 'leakage' from the sides and backs of their inductors. This of course means that PEMF levels are more targeted and consistent than ever before possible.


In addition to completely new product management software, with over 240 code enhancements made over that used in the existing model, together with totally new circuit board, superior routing and components, we have replaced the old NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries with a much more efficient and reliable Samsung Lithium-ION battery, that not only reduces the re-charge time by a massive 60%, but also increases the period between re-charges in addition to enhancing the product life dramatically, which means that the newPainSolv® MkV will deliver many thousands of treatment sessions  - lasting at least 5 years before the internal battery should need replacing. Nothing comes remotely close to that!




Custom-designed inductor head - Totally unique 

Targeted conical beam (no leakage from sides) 

800 Gauss Peak Output (5.92x stronger than MkIV) 

3.8m/sec pulse duration (5m/sec inc decay) 

7.6x longer peak output duration than MkIV 

6hr maximum re-charge time (60% less than MkIV) 

Output proven via Coloumb's Inverse Square Law 

Samsung Lithium-Ion internal battery 

Enhanced HEX software code and circuitry 

Integrated, detachable safety wrist lanyard 

32-page colour user guide 

Almost 30x stronger than nearest competitor


Pack Contents

PainSolv® MkV comes complete with a full-colour, compact 32pp User Guide, which gives clear and concise instructions for use, in addition to a lot more useful information about painful conditions, also explaining how you can use the device with acupuncture points as an alternative. The pack also includes the specially manufactured charging unit for use exclusively with PainSolv® MkV.



The Painsolv MKV has been upgraded and designated as 'Hand-held deep-tissue electromagnetic stimulator' by the Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency ( which is great news (particularly for worldwide sales)


The product has been upgraded to have a GMDN Code applied as below:


Hand-held deep-tissue electromagnetic stimulator


A battery-powered, hand-held device designed to apply an electromagnetic (EM) field to body deep tissues to help reduce pain associated with musculoskeletal/neurological disorders (e.g., arthritis, sciatica) and/or to treat soft-tissue wounds and injuries. It is a self-contained electronic unit with controls intended to be applied to the body to emit short-time pulsed, radio-frequency energy [pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF)] to tissues at a level below the patient's heat sensory perception threshold. The device is intended to be used in clinical and home settings.

t has been upgraded and designated as 'Hand-held deep-tissue electromagnetic stimulator' by the Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency ( which is great news (particularly for worldwide sales)

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