Here at Look-After-Yourself we carry the most compact and effective light therapy units in the world. These units are specifically manufactured for people who require a fully portable solution to their light therapy needs.

Treatment times using an ultra compact model can be as low as 20 to 30 minutes per day!

Between the superb new goLITE P1® and goLITE M2® and the incredible new Litebook®, we're sure that Look-After-Yourself can supply a compact and stylish light therapy unit to suit the busiest of modern lifestlyes.

Philips HF3420/03 Intense Blue Energy Up Energy Light
SAD light to improve energy levels, alertness and mood Fights energy dips, fatigue... Information

£166.66 Buy

Litebook EDGE
The Litebook® EDGE emits light that is the equivalent to 10,000 lux at 20 to 24 i... Information

£149.99 Buy

New LED LitePod
A small but effective full 10,000 lux lightbox, ideal for travel to combat jet lag or... Information

£139.00 Buy

Luminette® Visor-OFFER
New technology for light therapy treatment. The luminette® is a lightweight,... Information

Was £299.00 Now £199.99 Buy Rent

SAD Therapy Light. Supplementary Daylight System. Lifemax
Uses blue spectrum light tube to stimulate natural daylight... Information

Was £99.99 Now £79.99 Buy

BLUElight SAD Light Box
Introducing the new SAD Solutions BLUElight - SAD Light. The NEW BLUElight from SAD S... Information

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NEW goLITE BLU - As Seen on ITV's This Morning!
IT'S HERE!! AS SEEN ON THIS MORNING WITH DR. CHRIS STEELE  The most effective, ... Information

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Lumie ZIP
Totally portable light therapy when and where you need it  ... Information

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The New Litebook V2 - Treatment Time 60 Mins The New Litebook V2 is the only to... Information

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