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VALKEE SAD Bright Light Headset BLACK - Certified Class 2A Medical Device
It's not used for listening to music. It's used for bright light therapy. It cha... [Read more]

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BeautySkin Acne Lamp
Problem Acne? Don't hide away any more. BeautySkin - the revolutionary new light ther... [Read more]

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Re-Timer Green Light Visor
Using Re-Timer for 30 minutes each morning for 4 mornings in a row will advance the c... [Read more]

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Luminette® Visor-OFFER
New technology for light therapy treatment. The luminette® is a lightweight,... [Read more]

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NEW goLITE BLU - As Seen on ITV's This Morning!
IT'S HERE!! AS SEEN ON THIS MORNING WITH DR. CHRIS STEELE  The most effective, ... [Read more]

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This stunning powerful light box provides a fast treatment in a stylish design. Exclu... [Read more]

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It's here! It has arrived! The sun made its appearance and we have been shopping for summer in droves. Most popular has been the BeautySkin for those of you wanting to prepare your body for shorter sleeves and flawless faces. Have you thought about adding some natural collagen to your cheeks with our wonderful Collagen Anti-Ageing Light? Don't forget though, if the weather does take a turn for the worse this year, keep some Daylight in your lives with our massive range and new collections of SAD Light Boxes and Natural Alarm Clocks to keep your bodyclock in tip-top shape. You can also stay on top of your health with our range of vitamins and supplements. Treat your loved ones to a spot of pamper shopping with our sensuous  gift selection including Top Perfumes and Bomb Cosmetics. Keep in shape ready for the beach and ease any stiff muscles and joints with our massive range of Tens and TSE pain relief products or relax with our Circulation Boosting foot massagers in front of the TV!

See our very own Beverley Bunting talking about her personal experience with SAD on BBC 1's The One Show...


Don't just feel good this Spring - FEEL GREAT! Look after your Health and look out for our special offers through the next few months including the new Re-Timer!

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